Accepted Papers

ID Authors Paper title
1 Musa Mammadov, Rob Muspratt and Julien Ugon Detection of Outlier Behaviour amongst Health/Medical Providers servicing TAC Clients
2 Hien Nguyen A Two-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov-Like Test for Big Data
4 Keith Johnson and Wei Liu An Incremental Anytime Algorithm for Mining T-Patterns from Event Streams
8 Irvan B. Arief-Ang, Flora D. Salim and Margaret Hamilton SD-HOC: Seasonal Decomposition Algorithm for Mining Lagged Time Series
9 Hamid Dimyati and Ramdisa Agasi Collaborative Filtering in an Offline Setting Case Study: Indonesian Retail Business
15 Zaheer Babar, Zahid Islam and Sameen Mansha Rank Forest: Systematic Attribute Sub-spacing in Decision Forest
16 Bandar Alghamdi, Yue Xu and Jason Watson Malicious Behavior Analysis on Twitter through the Lens of User Interest
17 Mohiuddin Ahmed and Abu S. S. M. Barkat Ullah False Data Injection Attacks in Healthcare
18 Soheila Gheisari, Daniel R. Catchpoole, Amanda Charlton and Paul J. Kennedy Patched Completed Local Binary Pattern is an Effective Method for Neuroblastoma Histological Image Classification
20 Md. Shahidul Islam, Dr. Russel Pears and Dr. Boris Bačić Identifying Precursors to Frequency Fluctuation Events in Electrical Power Generation Data
21 Iqbal Sarker An Improved Naive Bayes Classifier-based Noise Detection Technique for Analyzing Mobile User Behavior
22 Alireza Moayedikia, Kok-Leong Ong, Yee Ling Boo and William Yeoh Meta-heuristic multi-objective community detection based on users’ attributes
23 Sattar Seifollahi, Massimo Piccardi and Ehsan Zare Borzeshi A semi-supervised hidden Markov topic model based on prior knowledge
24 Yuantian Miao, Lei Pan, Sutharshan Rajasegarar, Jun Zhang, Christopher Leckie and Yang Xiang Distributed Detection of Zero-day Network Traffic Flows
27 Yuhang Zhang, Tania Churchill and Kee Siong Ng Exploiting Redundancy, Recurrency and Parallelism: How to Link Millions of Addresses with Ten Lines of Code in Ten Minutes
29 Malika Bendechache, Nhienan Lekhac and M-Tahar Kechadi Distributed Spatial Data Clustering as a New Approach for Big Data Analysis
31 Yuan Wang, Hangyu Mao and Zhen Xiao Identifying Users’ Professions via the Microblogs They Forward
32 Jinyan Li, Simon Fong, Raymond Wong and Sabah Mohammed Similarity Majority Under-sampling Technique for Easing Imbalanced Classification Problem